Our company was established in 2019, Our company was not a company that can make Astronomy, Observatory, Science Center, Optical and Medical product supplier and custom production, our company operates in the USA and many countries, our company owner is long

By combining our long history with our technical expertise, we offer our employers inspiring solutions to design, develop and manage their projects.

It offers design, engineering, project planning, consultancy and project management services to our customers; We work by establishing both technical and strategic solution partnerships in all processes with full support principle.
With our differentiating and prominent position in the sector, we focus on risk-reducing factors and offer integrated services to our employers with our understanding of solutions at global standards.

With our strong technical infrastructure and extensive industry experience, we bring our innovative ideas to life by offering customized solutions.

It synthesizes our global perspective with our professional approach and understanding of full support; We continue to develop diverse and innovative services, taking into account different industry dynamics.

Because, we operate under the leadership of our many years of experience with our expert technical team in order to meet the constantly changing needs of the world and different industry requirements.

Welkin Instruments LLC